Sweet Street’s Let it Flow Lactation Cookies

You know your priorities have changed when instead of chomping down on the world’s most evil bacon chocolate chip cookies, you reach out for a couple of chocolate chip oatmeal lactation cookies instead. You heard me right. I did say lactation. Say what?

23:365 Momma Cookies

Momma Cookie Stash

Lactation cookies are cookies laden with galactagogues, substances that are said to promote lactation. Sweet Street’s version contains oatmeal, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal, which are all said to increase milk production when taken by lactating women. To up the all good things factor, they also use whole wheat flour, canola oil and organic eggs. Oh, and chocolate. Did I mention it has chocolate?

Lactation Cookies

Where is the milk?

The nice thing about these Let it Flow Lactation Cookies is that aside from increasing your milk flow, it actually tastes pretty good. You can think of it as a chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that just happens to help increase your milk supply. Provided you’re lactating of course. Guys can eat safely without worrying about suddenly leaky man-boobs, assuming you can persuade your partners to share their stash.

If you’re the type who actually snacks while nursing (I sometimes do), reach for these cookies instead of your usual ones. It’s healthy, satisfying, and will do your little one a world of good. Even if it doesn’t have bacon.

Selected Sweet Street products are available through the Athena and Clyde Multiply Store. For their more evil selections, ask for a product list.
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4 Responses to Sweet Street’s Let it Flow Lactation Cookies

  1. I love these cookies. Oatmeal + chocolate = winner :)

  2. jemps says:

    hahaha, thanks so much for the post, kweesee! btw, the let it flow cookies have moringa (malunggay), too, another natural galactagogue 😉 fantabulous photos too, i must say. again, many thanks for featuring the cookies! :) p.s. i now have a limited supply of butterscotch chips! lemme know if you wanna try this variant w the dark chocolate chips. hugs to miffy!

  3. toni says:

    How awesome! Mommy AND baby benefit from it! 😀

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