Doing the Social Thing

These days, there’s a gajillion ways to stay connected, and it’s mostly online. My own time spent on social networks is quite astounding, making me realize it’s not enough to just blog. The spontaneity of uploading photos on the fly on Instagram and blabbing about food on Facebook, without having to sit down and work on an actual blogpost is pretty addictive. So if you see me suddenly showing up on various social networks, that’s mostly because of that. Well, that plus the gift of a smartphone a few months ago. (Thanks Paddy!)

NuffnangX, bite-sized pieces of the blog updates for on the go browsing

If you enjoy your social networks like I do, please add Kitchen Cow up. I’m on:
Facebook –
Twitter –
Nuffnang X
Instagram –
Flickr –
RSS feed

Hope to catch you online soon!

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One Response to Doing the Social Thing

  1. Bea says:

    I can relate. Microblogging is so much easier especially when you’re on the go and your phone spends more time online than your laptop. I post my kitchen experiments on my page too. XD Anyhoo, adding your facebook page now. Parang ngayon ko lang nalaman na may FB page ka. 😀

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