Burger King’s BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal: Definitely Stunning

These days, a hundred pesos in your pocket won’t get you much. Maybe a cup of coffee. A big bag of potato chips. A fancy cupcake. But how about a burger, fries, drink and dessert? I bet you think I’m pulling your leg with the last one, right? Well, surprise. At Burger King, it costs just 99 pesos. Yes, I was just as stunned as you now are.

Burger King Stunner Meal

All this for 99 pesos. Stunned?

Burger King’s newest set meal, the aptly named BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal boasts of a flame-grilled BBQ cheeseburger, a serving of crisp fries, a helping of soda, and to sweeten the deal, a mini sundae of your choice. Filling and yummy, it’s definitely good value for your money.

Burger King Stunner Meal

“I just got stunned!

“But wait, there’s probably a catch somewhere, Kao. Perhaps it’s a lousy burger,” you say. Well, you can’t be more wrong. I really enjoyed my BBQ Cheeseburger. It featured Burger King’s signature flame-grilled burger patty, topped with a slice of melty cheese, a generous helping of sweet white onions, and as a finishing touch, a smoky-sweet barbecue sauce that elevates the burger into something really special. Accompanied by fries and a cold, cold drink, then a chocolate mini-sundae to finish the meal, I was definitely a happy camper.

Burger King Stunner Meal

Upsized BBQ Whopper Jr. Stunner Meal

Whopper fans will be happy to know that their favorite burger has also been made more stunning. There’s now a BBQ Whopper Jr. Stunner Meal, featuring your favorite burger drizzled with barbecue sauce. Like the Cheeseburger Stunner, it also comes with fries, a drink and a mini-sundae.

Date night on a budget? The BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Duo’s your best bet. The same meal times two for just P189. These Stunner Meals really offer the best value when it comes to satisfying burger sets. If these don’t get you rushing to Burger King, I have no idea what will.

Burger King Stunner Meal

Grab your Stunners!

Curious to know more? Visit Burger King’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

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2 Responses to Burger King’s BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal: Definitely Stunning

  1. Traveliztera says:

    I saw your post right away after looking for something to eat at Hungry Jack’s (Australia’s Burger King– like exact everything except the name haha!)

    MANNN I’m sooo gonna buy a burger tomorrow!

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