On Food Safety and little Miffy

I love food. Anyone who follows this blog knows that. And I’m pretty adventurous with food as well, always ready to try something new, even when it looks pretty dubious. Of course, with the recent life changes I’ve gone through, my love affair with food needed to be put under scrutiny. Adjustments had to be made to my diet while I was carrying Miffy and even now that she’s around. I suddenly had to start eating healthier and safer. It’s not just about me anymore, but my daughter’s as well.

44:365 Beebee Bum

Our little bundle of fussiness

One big scare we had was when I contracted the stomach flu a few weeks after she was born. I was dehydrated all the time had difficulty caring for her. It was so frustrating to not be able to attend to her needs because I was sick myself. Thank goodness I bounced back quickly, but it was definitely a lesson learned. No more messing around with food and water. Safety is the key, especially since Miffy’s health is reliant on my staying healthy.

So, that means applying food safety measures in the kitchen. Making sure everything is fresh and safe — bye, bye recently expired products that ‘still look okay.’ Ensuring that no cross-contamination happens, especially with kitchen tools. And making sure that our drinking water is the safest possible water: that is, Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.

This is a fixture I grew up with

Wilkins has been our choice for drinking water for years already, for the simple reason that it tasted clean. But now that our priorities have shifted to staying healthy, it’s reassuring to know that it doesn’t only taste clean, it’s truly clean. In fact, Wilkins is committed to providing the safest drinking water possible. And that’s not just product talk. It’s good to know that my commitment to ensuring my baby gets the best care possible is supported by Wilkins own commitment to ensuring my family’s health and safety by bringing us the safest drinking water.

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