Yabu House of Katsu: Katsu Craze App

Congratulations to Suzanne Fajardo for winning the GC. Thanks to everyone who participated! More giveaways coming up!

Admit it. You like taking photos of your food. Don’t worry, I’m not judging. Heck, you know I like taking food photos, too. While some restaurants frown at the practice, one doesn’t only encourage it, but actually created an app just for it! Presenting Yabu’s Katsu Craze app from Yabu: House of Katsu.

Yabu Katsu Craze

Srsly srs bznz.

Available in for iPads, iPods and iPhones, this app works much like Instagram and other photo apps. You take a photo or pull one up from your gadget’s photo library, then add filters, thought balloons and text. Afterwards, you can share the resulting photo to your social networks or even the Yabu.ph photo gallery.

Why will you want to share it to the Yabu photo gallery? Well, aside from the reason that you’re addicted to Yabu (I confess, I am), it will actually give you a chance to win an iPhone 5 (I confess again, I want one). So, why not right? Download Yabu Katsu Craze now from the appstore for free and start capturing those Yabu moments.

Still not convinced? Well, will free lunch (or dinner) do the trick? Win a 1k GC from Yabu! Just check out the widget below to find out how you can win.

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(See how I kept the giveaway to the bottom of the post? It pays to read the whole thing, doesn’t it? Heehee.)

Information and gift certificates were provided by Yabu but opinions are author’s own.
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18 Responses to Yabu House of Katsu: Katsu Craze App

  1. Kyameel says:

    Oh, Yabu~
    I love their salmon katsu, and the dropping of the sauce cover every single visit.

  2. The service at the Megamall branch is great — matches the food. I always try something new each time, but I often get the rosu katsu. I’m glad that they have a branch at Southmall now. I don’t have to go far!

  3. Jill says:

    I love having to grind the sesame seeds and pouring in the katsudon sauce. It’s like it’s been conditioned in my system that doing so would mean the best meal ever, which says a lot because I’ve only eaten in Yabu 5 times! Everything I have tried so far is excellent. I really wish I could eat here more often so I can sample all of their dishes. Imagine my excitement when I saw a few days ago that they’re building a new outlet at SM North EDSA. 😀

  4. I always get flooded with Yabu pictures (IG/Twitter) and the app is a great way to make it more fun! Whatever you order in Yabu, it will always look photogenic! :)

  5. Kat says:

    I have yet to try Yabu, but everyone I know who has tried it is raving about it! Nifty app. I wonder if they’ll release one for Android? 😀

  6. I really love Katsudon… so delicious

  7. carla says:

    call me a loser but i haven’t tried Yabu yet! there’s no branch near me and i heard the queue is really long. :( been hearing about their famous katsu sets, and if i’d get the gcs, i’d rush to yabu to try it no matter how far it is! 😀 i wanna try the seafood katsu sets too.

  8. can’t wait to have it on my Iphone

  9. Richard Co says:

    I love their Rosu and Kurobuta katsus

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  11. Cla says:

    I always order their rosu katsu — can’t go wrong with that 😀

  12. Suzanne says:

    I love Yabu’s big servings and all the cabbage you can eat! I might be a rabbit in a past life…

    • Joan says:

      OMG—what a beautiful collection of photos from a toally memorable wedding. We were honored to be included on this special day. our love and congratulations to the newest Murphy couple. The br811–Kelley&#i2ed;looked so amazing–happy & shining–brought tears to my eyes. WOW! Bunny & Buck

  13. YUE says:

    I still cannot forget my 1st visit at YABU.
    I tried their kurobuta & was so shock how tender the meat it was!!
    I more of a chicken katsu person than tonkatsu, but kurobuta katsu is a must when I go to YABU!!

  14. Lakapati says:

    Yabu, how do I find the words? <3

    I only eat one thing here and it's their veggie katsu set as I am not very fond of eating meats. Despite them being a katsu-centric and pork-focused establishment who is committed to excellent delivery, they want to make sure they capture every single heart out there–even ones who do not care as much for kurobuta or hire or rosu or crab. That's what makes an excellent restaurant in my book.

  15. Kate says:

    This is funny but i look forward to the shredded cabbage+ sauce(s) the most when eating at Yabu 😀 I also love the fresh fruit with pink himalayan salt!

  16. Chi says:

    I love their Rosu Katsu Curry! And the unlimited rice, cabbages, and miso soup! I’m really glad they added the unlimited miso. It was the first thing I requested they add in their service and menu after my first time in Yabu.

  17. Pink says:

    Frankly I think that’s ablteuosly good stuff.

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