Best Food Forward 2014 Sneak Peek and Giveaway

Half the fun of eating is in discovering new things to eat. With over a hundred merchants vying for your attention at Best Food Forward, you can count on a lot of new discoveries and old favorites to fill your shopping bags. Now on its fourth year, this food fair will take place on October 11-12 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati.

We had a chance to check out a few of the merchants they’ll will be participating during that weekend and I have to say, we had out tummies full with all the yummy goodness. These include:

Love, Agnessi
One of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve had a chance to try. Firm to touch yet pillowy with each bite, you’re treated to an intense chocolate flavor that makes you crave for more. The cheerful sisters behind Love, Agnessi insist that their cookies are best enjoyed with milk. We heartily agree.

Best Food Forward - Love Agnessi

Hands down, my (and Miffy’s) favorite

Big Dog’s Kitchen
Are Cubano Sandwiches the in thing now? If they are, we don’t mind. Big Dog’s Kitchen whips up a mean one. They’re making their debut at Best Food Forward so it will be a good time to check them out. Aside from the Cubano, my husband Pad swears by the General Mao, a flattened sandwich with an Asian flavor profile.

Best Food Forward - Big Dog Kitchen

Are Cubano Sandwiches the newest craze? We hope so!

Voila! Jars
Love freshly baked cakes? Voila! makes it easier. These single-serve cake mixes just need a bit of water and a minute to a minute and a half in the microwave and, well, VOILA! CAEK. It’s surprisingly moist and fudgy for something baked in the microwave, so it would be awesome to stock up on this.

Best Food Forward - Voila! Jar Cakes

Looking for Christmas gifts and giveaways? Voila! would be perfect.

Lick the Spoon
And speaking of jars, Lick the Spoon offers a selection of bottled eats that just calls for freshly steamed rice. Loved the gourmet tuyo, tinapa in tomato sauce, and the insane bagoong variants! Think bagoong with tamarind, bagoong with spicy chocolate, and bagoong with mushrooms. Mindblowing, yes?

Best Food Forward - Lick the Spoon

These bagoong variants are insane! A good kind of insane.

Kooky Pam
Red velvet fans should make Kooky Pam a visit because of her moist and chewy red velvet cookies. Complete with a requisite cream cheese stuffing, it’s a must-try for red velvet fans. And cookie fans. Heck, make that everyone!

Best Food Forward - Kooky Pam

I am confused. Is it cookie or cake? OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Gourmet Garage
This popular restaurant in Subic is making its way to Manila by way of their catering services. But that’s just the beginning, since they’re looking into opening a restaurant in the area, too.

Best Food Forward - Gourmet Garage

No need to go to Subic!

Marmalade Kitchen
Cook at home or dine out? Marmalade Kitchen makes the choices equally delicious. Chef Aileen Anastacio’s studio kitchen doesn’t just offer delectable treats, she offers classes, too!

Best Food Forward - Marmalade Kitchen

Feeding and teaching. Perfect combo.

• Kewpie Mayonnaise
Aside from homegrown merchants, Best Food Forward also features international brands like Kewpie. This Japanese mayo is my mayonnaise of choice. And no, it’s not just something you use for salad and dips. It’s also great for cooking. (Case in point, Tofu Sisig.)

Best Food Forward - Kewpie

Kewpie Ichiban!

That’s just a few of the participating merchants, but doesn’t it get you excited for Best Food Forward 2014 already? Here’s the icing on top. Kitchen Cow will be giving away six pairs of tickets to the event via rafflecopter giveaway. Join now and cross your fingers! Winners will be drawn on October 9.

If you want more chances to win, additional tickets will also be given away as part of the #KitchenSizzles book tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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15 Responses to Best Food Forward 2014 Sneak Peek and Giveaway

  1. Michee Fabunan says:

    I am looking forward to buying and eating yummy sweets! =)

  2. Chef Arnold says:

    Hi Chrissie,

    Thanks for the kind words about Lick the Spoon and Deep Dips. Please drop by my table on the event so i can thank you personally.

    I have posted your article in my FB site.
    Thanks VM!

    Chef Arnold

  3. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales says:

    Looking forward for a twist in food combination, something that will make me say “wow”

  4. Astra C. Alegre says:

    I’m looking forward to discovering good food that I haven’t tried yet ( :

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  6. I hate that of all the different food there, Kewpie gets my attention. Hands down :) <3

  7. Mike lobendino says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, hope tp see you at the event :) i’m glad you guys enjoyed the sandwiches :)

  8. great post! very informative. hope to score those tickets!

  9. Princess Cifra says:

    I’m looking forward for that absolutely incredible taste that will be presented in the fair.

  10. yan says:

    i’m looking forward to a lot of free taste haha and of course, new food discoveries!

  11. Suzanne Fajardo says:

    Those jar cakes look pretty interesting!

  12. I can’t wait to taste unique products and fresh product concepts. Surely, there will be a lot of macarons and cupcakes. I can’t wait for these desserts. There’s a reason why DESSERTS are STRESSED spelled backwards right?!

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