Chocolat’s Death by Tablea: Sweet Surrender

Whoever made the first chocolate cake was a genius, combining the seductive charms of chocolate with the satisfying sweetness and mouthfeel of cake. It’s the most wonderful of all cakes, and it’s the one I prize among all the others. That’s why when J celebrated his birthday last week, I used that as the perfect excuse reason to check out Chocolat.

Chocolat Deep Dark Cakes

Chocolat cake with a bottle of milk

Now I’ve never been one for fancy desserts. My idea of a winner cake is the super simple chocolate cake from Miss Polly’s that we used to buy from Shell Magallanes. It’s been years since I had Miss Polly’s (Is it still sold at Shell?), so Chocolat was a very pleasant discovery.

We hit Chocolat’s branch in BF Homes. The store was small. It was practically a takeout counter fitted with two small coffee tables. But what the store lacked in size, it made up for in selection, with copious variants of chocolate cake and a few other goodies.

Chocolat Deep Dark Cakes

J’s birthday cake – 6″ Death by Tablea

The Death by Tablea is Chocolat’s most popular cake, so I asked for a slice, under the pretense of trying it out before buying a whole cake. But I’ll admit it now, it was just an excuse. I knew I was buying the moment I first saw a photo of that gorgeous dark cake.

As the slice was served, my daughter went nuts. More so when I actually gave her a bite. She started squealing, “Yummy! Yummy!” then lifted her thumbs up in approval. Now, she’s fairly easy to please. Just give her a dose of chocolate and she’ll be jumping with joy (and jumping the rest of the night, too). But grown-up palates tend to be more discerning. Was it as good as my daughter claimed it was?

Chocolat Deep Dark Cakes

Death by Tablea and Carrot Cake Slices

I am of the belief that a good chocolate cake should be dark and dense. Moist and velvety, it will cling to your teeth if you’re not careful about how you’re biting into it. The chocolate flavor should bowl you over, announcing its presence and not letting itself be overpowered by sweetness. It should taste like childhood, happiness, and home. And it should make two-year olds squeal, “Yummy! Yummy!” while grabbing your hand for another serving.

Chocolat Deep Dark Cakes

The Caek Monster

Needless to say, Chocolat’s Death by Tablea was just that. A strong, dark chocolate, softened by the creamy condensed milk-based frosting. The restrained sweetness allows you to enjoy the tablea’s cacao flavor without overwhelming you with too much sugar. It was the best cake ever, we declared repeatedly with each bite, even as we were finishing the leftovers the day after. Or as Miffy would say, “Yummy! Yummy!”

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  1. chrissie says:

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  2. Just the type of chocolate cake I love! I wish they had a branch closer to me too heehee :)

    My daughter is a chocolate fiend too 😉

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