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Manila Bento Bargain Report

I promised myself to cut back on buying bento supplies because honestly, I have enough usable boxes to last me a whole month (well, weekends not included) without having to repeat any. I’m that bad with purchasing boxes. But when … Continue reading

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Pretty Sandwiches in a Row – Sandwich Bento

Finally! After a long, tiring hunt, I have the bento box I’ve been wanting to have for ages. I finally have a collapsible sandwich box! *cheers amidst the tumbleweeds and cricket chirps*

It’s probably not a big deal to most people out there, but it’s one box that’s missing from my collection. An open designed, collapsible plastic box, this bento box is designed specifically for sandwiches. Continue reading

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Leftovers Bento with a hint of Greek

Whoever thinks leftovers are depressing isn’t doing it right. When stored properly, reheated and jazzed-up to look pretty, leftovers offer as cheerful a lunch alternative as freshly cooked food. Continue reading

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