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Seven Reasons Why You Should Bento for Yourself

For a few years when I was still in the workforce, I used to prepare bento lunches religiously. To the point where work colleagues used to ask what was in my lunch that day. During those years, preparing bento was … Continue reading

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Kitchen Cow’s 7th Anniversary Giveaway

Seven years. It’s been seven years since my first bento blog post. Who knew this blog would last this long? Definitely not me. My first few blog posts about food were just little entries on my personal livejournal blog. But … Continue reading

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Bento with Tocino and a Poached Egg Fail-periment

Ever had a kitchen experiment fail on you? I have. Many, many times. What you see on this blog features only a fraction of what goes on behind the scenes. I’m not one to shy away from failure, so today, … Continue reading

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