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Making your own Sun-brewed Tea

May has brought on its showers but I’m sure that the summery days will still be back, bringing with it the bright sunshine and the scorchingly hot weather that calls for copious amounts of refreshment. The amount of sunshine streaming … Continue reading

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Refreshing your Salad Greens

Salads are wonderful. They can be drizzled with a variety of dressings. They can be tossed with a multitude of ingredients. They can be topped with things like bacon and lechon kawali and still be perceived as healthy! Wishful thinking … Continue reading

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DIY Enokidake Bacon Roll

Enokidake and bacon rolls are an ubiquitous appetizer in local Japanese restaurants. I used to tell myself I should stop ordering them since I can probably make them at home, but forget when faced with the menu. When I finally … Continue reading

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