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Nostalgia Trip with Easy DIY Macaroons

When I was a kid, the word macaroon evoked images of small, chewy, milky pastries nestled in colorful waxed paper cups. The smell of buttery coconut would fill the kitchen whenever I baked, which was often then, because macaroons were … Continue reading

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DIY Tofu Sisig

Sisig, that traditional Kapampangan dish of chopped pig cheeks and ears served on a sizzling plate, has been adapted into most any protein you can think of. I’ve heard of chicken and beef sisig, and have tasted bangus, squid, tuna, … Continue reading

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My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge

All summer, I’ve been avoiding baking because it’s too damn hot. Just the thought of slapping tray after tray of cookie dough into a hot oven is enough to give me heatstroke. Of course, this translates to a lot of … Continue reading

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