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Cocohut Fried Chicken and Fish: It’s All About the Chicken

Now that my new romance is out (The Kitchen When It Sizzles on Amazon and Smashwords, shameless plugging, yo!), I can return to regular food blogging duties. Let me start by introducing you to this little chicken restaurant that has … Continue reading

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen – Kyushu-style Ramen in Manila

Some food cravings are hard to understand. For instance, craving for ramen in the middle of a sweltering Manila summer. It’s insane, but it happens all the time. Thank goodness for airconditioned malls and for wonderful restaurants that specialize in … Continue reading

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Kimukatsu: A Many Flavored Way to Katsu

With the number of tonkatsu joints sprouting up in Manila, it’s difficult to tell these restaurants apart. Tonkatsu is tonkatsu, after all. It’s a breaded porkchop, just how many ways can you serve it? Japanese katsu chain Kimukatsu, a relatively … Continue reading

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