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Mouse invades bento, yet again.

A mouse has raided my lunchbox again. They seem to enjoy slipping inside boxes, confident that they’re too cute to be eaten. HA! That’s what they think. GLOMP. NOMNOMNOM. Bento # 231 January 2009

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Using dividers for easier bento

For me, one thing that defines bento is the presence of an assortment of food items in a single container. Instead of bringing multiple re-sealable containers holding different dishes, you bring a small amount of a variety of food, giving … Continue reading

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Bistek Onigiri: The Freezer is your Friend

Frozen rice is your friend. I know it sounds surprising, being from the Philippines where freshly cooked rice is the meal standard but in bentoland, having ready cooked rice in the mornings is a big speed boost. And when you … Continue reading

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