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Pasta & Chicken Lollipops Bento

Remember my vow to cut down on bento box purchases? Which I stuck to for months until the Winnie the Pooh Onigiri Box came along? Well, they stocked a really nifty new box at Japan Home and I gave in … Continue reading

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Spam! Spam! Spam!

They say happiness can’t be bought, but for me, happiness can come from a can. In this case, from a can of Black Pepper SPAM. A much maligned processed canned food product, SPAM is the definitive mystery meat. I mean, … Continue reading

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Why Bento?

Recently, preparing bento has been an elusive task, as shown by the absence of updates here. A sorry state that I’d like to correct because I have more reasons to prepare bento now that we’ve moved offices and there are … Continue reading

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