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Stevie’s Hainanese Chicken: A whiff of Singapore from disposable foil pans

With the numbers of Filipinos vacationing and working in Singapore, our awareness for Singaporean food has quickly risen, triggering shops that offer this distinct cuisine everywhere in the Metro. Even famous Singaporean chains have set up shop here. Nevertheless, it’s … Continue reading

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Starbucks Ice Cream: Coffee goodness turned all evil

With the holiday season, it’s Starbucks left and right as fans try to complete their planners. I know of people who’ve even claimed multiple planners already. So, you’d think I’d be sick of Starbucks by now, right? Wrong! At least, … Continue reading

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Swiss Gourmet : Bacon and sausages make for lots of happiness

Bacon. Bacon! BACON! Just saying the word brings me utter happiness. Faced with a platter of perfectly cooked bacon strips is sheer nirvana. Never mind that you might end up in heaven soon enough. Bacon is worth every single calorie. … Continue reading

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