TGI Friday’s Leftovers Bento

The flu, coughs and colds have been making the rounds of the office this past week. I’ve been feeling under the weather myself, hence the inability to bento. A pretty lunch is not exactly on top of my mind when my throat feels so sore and I can barely breathe.

Still, here’s one of the boxes I prepared earlier this week. It’s full of restaurant leftovers from the night before, so it was literally, reheat and put in box. It made a substantial lunch though, so no complaints from me!

TGIF Leftovers Bento

Bento #147 • 24 July 2007

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at TGI Friday’s Monday evening. But since I was already coming down with the flu then, my appetite started to falter halfway through the meal, leaving us with lots of leftovers. Fortunately, not an issue since I figured I could pack it off in a bento for the next day’s lunch.

• Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
I like TGIF’s Cheddar Mashed Potatoes because it doesn’t drown the potatoes in cheese. It had just enough cheese to make it flavorful. Too much cheese and it would’ve competed with the other dishes that it was supposed to accompany. Nuked on high for a minute or two, after stashing in the fridge overnight.

• Buffalo Chicken Wings
My mom swears by these. She especially loves the middle wing segment, leaving me with the fleshier joint connected to the breast. No complaints from me, I like fleshy chicken.

• Celery Sticks
Not part of the doggie bag but it’s a must have with the Blue Cheese Dressing that comes with the Buffalo Wings. Hehe, yes, it’s the other way around, I look for celery sticks because I want to eat the dressing. Thankfully, we had a bunch in the fridge.

• Blue Cheese Dressing in the Hello Kitty Sauce Cup
I loooove TGIF’s Blue Cheese Dressing. It’s the real reason why I started eating celery. That’s why I’m crossing my fingers they’ll redo that holiday gift promotion they did two years ago. That was when they sold jars of their Honey Mustard, Caesar’s Salad Dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing, and Jack Daniel’s Glaze in gift packs. My mom stocked up on the Caesar’s Salad Dressing for when I’m too lazy to make some from scratch. Sadly, I hadn’t discovered the wonders of their Blue Cheese Dressing yet so none of that for me. *sobs*

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6 Responses to TGI Friday’s Leftovers Bento

  1. joey says:

    I swear…only you can make TGIF leftovers look so cute! :)

  2. Ani says:

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    Love your blog. :)

  3. Dr. Emer says:

    They sure don’t look like leftovers to me. I bet they’re not only nutritious but yummy, too! Ginutom tuloy ako! :)

    PS. Thanks for the concern and the heads-up the other day. It is not yet resolved, but action has been taken to punish the obstinate doppelgänger.

  4. kaoko says:

    Heehee, thanks 😛

    Thanks! I’m feeling better now but you won’t believe the weekend I had, I suffered from sore eyes! *sobs*

    @Dr. Emer
    Hope the issue gets resolved, plagiarism is a sticky, and undesirable issue.

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  6. kaoko says:

    Welcome and glad you’re liking the site, @holmangregDR!

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