Fish Menchikatsu Bento

Micey micey mice! There’s a mouse in my food! Thankfully, it’s a fake mouse, made of fish and mincemeat.

178 Fish Menchikatsu Bento

Bento #178 • 18 December 2007>

The top tier holds fish menchikatsu, breaded fried patties of mincemeat and fish. Unlike previous menchikatsu that I’ve tried, this one had minced fish mixed in with the pork. Unfortunately, it’s not a taste I enjoyed, so I doubt I’ll be buying more in the future.

On the side, I had scrambled eggs and green beans lightly sautéed in some garlic butter. On the other tier, I had steamed rice and half a menchikatsu patty, made up to look like a mouse with the help of some cheese and nori. Another unplanned decoration, I ran out of space for my last menchikatsu half in the other tier, so it was either leave it at home, or stick it in the rice.

In a sudden burst of inspiration, I thought, hey, it looks like a mouse. To make the transformation complete, I added the cheese ears and nori tail. I would’ve added eyes, had I time but since I was in a rush, had to make do without it. Still, even if I don’t plan on buying more menchikatsu, I like the mouse design idea so I’ll probably try it again with different ingredients next time.

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9 Responses to Fish Menchikatsu Bento

  1. khursten says:

    Hmm… maybe it’s the fish. My tita makes GREAT fish croquettes (might work with menchikatsu!)

    She mixes leftover galunggong with shanghai-esque mixture (sans carrot. I usually taste garlic and some onions only. very simple mixture.) It should work. Think… rellenong bangus also? :3

    • kaoko says:

      Ahahahaha…I don’t like rellenong bangus much. ^_^;; My grandmother used to make great fish croquettes too but I never ate much. I guess it’s really a personal thing? I think the only fish croquette like recipe I like is salmon balls.

  2. khursten says:

    Ooooh salmon balls. :3 Maybe try it with smoked salmon next time. :3

  3. kawaiikiki says:

    Hey, I didn’t realize you were still doing bento since you haven’t posting on bentolunch in awhile (me neither). Glad to see you are still making your lovely bento 😀

  4. toni says:

    You did this WHILE RUSHING? You are so insanely goooooood.

  5. kaoko says:

    I still bento 😀 Not as often as I used to but at least once or twice a week. Lack of time made me stop cross-posting to bentolunch. While it takes just a few minutes to cross-post, I felt guilty because other than doing that, I wasn’t contributing to the community much anymore. I still do watch bentochallenge and still plan on joining, just as soon as I find time. ^_^;;

    Ah, no, I just meant I was getting behind schedule already so I couldn’t dress it up as much as I’d like to. ^_^;;

  6. kawaiikiki says:

    Well, the bentolunch community is all super noobs now and I miss more season people like you! But, I’ve got you on my Google reader so I can still keep up with your great bento!

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks for subscribing! It’s unfortunate that that’s the current scenario with bentolunch, but I guess we all have to start somewhere? I’m sure there are a couple of gems waiting to be unearthed. And I guess we just got lucky we joined up early—there was more time for interaction and getting to know people. :)

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