Blog Day 2011 Link Loving

Happy blog day, everyone! Something major’s happening behind the scenes—in between nomming junkfood and cursing at chapters of A Storm of Swords. While I should be doing something else, I figured stopping for a few minutes to celebrate blog day would be a welcome break.

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Instead of simply sharing newly discovered blogs with you guys, what I want to do is to share a couple of my favorite blogs from my own feed reader. These are the ones I look forward to reading when they update. I bet you’ve encountered some of them already, but for the ones you haven’t, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

  1. 80 Breakfasts is one of my favorite local food blogs. Inundated with beautiful photos and recipes that range from complex to so easy I can do this, simply going through the post is a feast in itself.
  2. My favorite bento resources blog is Just Bento. While there are a gajillion bento resource blogs online, I love Maki’s Just Bento (and her other blog Just Hungry) because it focuses on food goodness and not just food cuteness. There’s a ton of ideas and recipes that are helpful which I find useful. I’m forever picking up new ideas from her, easily putting her blog on my favorite list.

    Blog Day 2011: Just Bento

    A thousand and one bento ideas

  3. Definitely one of the most popular and most respected local food blogs, Dessert Comes First is the place to go to for restaurant and food discoveries. A gifted food writer and talented photographer, Lori never fails to entice with words and images.
  4. Wifely Steps is a collection of insightful ideas about life, parenting and of course, food! Maintained by wife and mom Toni, this blog overflows with optimism and good vibes. It’s definitely a good place to drop by to de-stress and recharge with positive energy.

    Blog Day 2011: Wifely Steps

    A mommy blog that’s not just for mommies.

  5. Before I embarked on food blogging, I was already a reader and writer. The beauty of the written word was something I fell in love with even before I learned to cook. So, it’s only natural that one of my favorite blogs is I wrote this for you. A simple collection of beautiful photos and even more beautiful words, random thoughts and snippets of conversations, this blog serves up heartfelt emotion in compact servings.
  6. And lastly, I want to close my round-up with a dose of cuteness in the form of MILK TOOF! My Milk Toof chronicles the lives of two milk teef, ickle and Lardee, as they go about exploring the great big world, starting with their owner’s home. Guaranteed to give you a tooth ache with their sweetness. Either that or it’s your teeth, struggling to get out and join little ickle and Lardee. Meep!

    Blog Day 2011: My Milk Toof

    Are you ready for the cute?

That’s it with my round-up. What’s on your blog day list? If you made one, leave your URL in the comments section so we can share and compare.

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7 Responses to Blog Day 2011 Link Loving

  1. bakerstreetgirl says:

    Required reading for ASOIF/Game of Thrones foodies:

    Hope this inspires you and your readers as it has inspired me :)

  2. Carol says:

    I just discovered your blog through my blogger friend, Ibyang. I gotta say, after reading a few posts, I’ve already included your blog in my browser’s top sites. I hope I can steal some time this week to come up with a post similar to this. Your blog is definitely on my list!

  3. kaoko says:

    Fantastic link! I want to try some of them. Is that blog yours?

    Thankies so much Carol. I’m always happy when people enjoy reading my blog. It makes all the effort worthwhile. (Heehee, I enjoy reading Ibyang’s blog too!)

  4. toni says:

    Aw kao! Thanks for the link luv <3

  5. kaoko says:

    Thanks for sharing, Alyson! Looks yummy!

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