Chamorro Chip Cookies: From Guam with Love

When my friend Nina learned of my plans to vacation in Guam, she immediately asked me to bring home some Chamorro Cookies. “Whut? You want me to get you a Chamorro?” I teased her, referring to the indigenous people of Guam. “CHAMORRO CHIP COOKIES,” she clarified, describing them as a small, yummy chocolate chip cookie.

Guam's Chamorro Chip Cookies

Chamorro Chip Cookies also come in small pouches–perfect for pasalubong

Mission made clear, it was among the first things I looked for at the 24-hour Guam K-Mart. The Chamorro Chip Cookies are bite-sized chocolate chip cookies packaged in brown paper bags. While the cookies don’t look anything special, they’re yummy enough, with each crisp bite yielding a just-right sweetness and a rich, buttery flavor. The chocolate and macadamia bits are on the small side, but the flavor is quite apparent, rising atop the buttery goodness.

Guam's Chamorro Chip Cookies

“I found your Chamorro Chip Cookies,” I tell Nina when I get back. “Great, how much do I owe you?” she asks me. “Your soul,” I tell her, threatening to keep the cookies for myself. “But I’ve already sold my soul,” she whines. “Too bad,” I grin evilly. I guess this means more Chamorro Chip Cookies for me, right?

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10 Responses to Chamorro Chip Cookies: From Guam with Love

  1. nina says:

    Noooo! My Chamorro *cries*

    • Patricia Reyes says:

      Hi Nina – can you please tell me where I can buy the chamorro chocolate chip cookies? My grandson is getting married next year, July, and he wants the cookies to be a part of the party favors. I live in Maryland so I am trying to find out if I can order them.

      Thank you.

  2. kaoko says:


  3. Muze@lj says:

    I recently subscribe to your feed at LJ, and wow, I never thought anyone would have posted any food from Guam, one of the places around the world I grew up. Kudos to you – I haven’t seen these cookies in a loooooong time. lol I have to say my Friends page is looking decidedly more delicious since I’ve subscribed. XD Oh yeah, if you’re in Guam, I would recommend visitors check out Chomorrow Village in…Agana where the natives gather to sell food and wares. Usually happens every Wednesday night last time I was there. Somewhere on the island is also a couple who makes wooden art using a type of food that I believe is native to Guam if my memory is correct. Bought one from them in a shape of a Guamanian boat and they were kind enough to wrap it all up so I could mail it back home since it was too heavy. :) Have fun in Guam!

  4. Muze@lj says:

    Correction: It should be Chomorro, not “Chomorrow”, and I meant to type “wood” not “food”. lol We discovered the couple when we took a ride around the island one day stopping here and there along the coast and visiting smaller towns. :)

  5. kaoko says:

    Hi Muze!

    Just got back from Guam on a really short vacation. It was unfortunate that we missed the Chamorro Village festival :( We flew in early Saturday and left early Tuesday. I didn’t know about the Wednesday festival—if I did, I would’ve made sure to stay until Thursday since I wanted to try Chamorro cuisine. I guess it just means that I’ll have to come back sometime soon!

  6. ajay says:

    Nice. I wanna go to Guam for the huge LV store. LOL

  7. kaoko says:

    Hey there, big spender! 😀

  8. Bob McLaughlin says:

    This is Bob, the owner of Chamorro Chip Cookies. Thank you very much for your glowing and much appreciated review.

    • Patricia Reyes says:

      Hi Bob – Can you kindly tell me if you ship those delicious chomorro chocolate chip cookies. I live in Maryland. My grandson is getting married next year, July and he wants the cookies to be a part of the party favors. I also want to buy extras for my family. Do you have them in a package and if yes, how many of the bags in each package? Please, also let me know the cost. Thank you!

      Pat Reyes

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